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THE VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive Day Will Lead to Incredible Business Breakthroughs, Out Of The Box Ideas, Overcoming Mindset Blocks & Immense Clarity On Your Next Steps to Design Your Best BIZ Possible!

This Accelerator Day is for you if…

  • You are that female entrepreneur stuck in overwhelm, tired of spinning her wheels with little forward movement.

  • You have been trying so freaking hard to figure it out on your own. You opt in to every training, free offer and challenge you believe will help you take your business to the next level, but you still aren't seeing any REAL results.

  • The HOW… 

    You can refer to me as your personal “VP on Demand” during your customized Accelerator Experience. What will do instead is focus on efficiency, scalability and a new level in your business. This is where I come in…    I help you get where you want to go and to “Clear the Clutter” and help you gain clarity and create a roadmap that aligns with your vision.  

    The WHO… 

    I work with female entrepreneurs just like you… They are dynamic, impact-driven, super passionate, want to make a difference and ready to “Accelerate” and “Stop the Madness”.  

    Does this sound familiar… 

    You have invested in group programs and courses, only to discover what you need is customized support with next-level accountability and strategy.

    This customized strategy will make a major IMPACT on your business, just think...

    • Stop guessing and start doing

    • Stop with major to-do lists and start getting actionable

    • Stop feeling overwhelmed and start knowing exactly what to do and when

    The Question is…

    Are you ready to scale your business so you can fully step into your CEO role and

    Design Your Best BIZ Possible!



  • Having complete clarity on your niche, ideal client and messaging so you can feel confident in the foundational pieces of running your business.

  • Designing your marketing funnel, a plan so you can start growing your list and community.

  • Developing a clear and actionable plan for increasing your visibility online, nurturing your community and building the trust factor so you can start signing more clients.

  • Create your first course or group program, complete with a step by step action plan so you feel supported in what needs to be done to make it happen with ease!


    The possibilities are endless for what you can make happen in JUST 30 Days, with this kind of high-level support!

    Still sitting on the fence about applying?


    The VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive is the PERFECT way to UPLEVEL if you are ready for a MASSIVE SHIFT in your business & prefer the VIP 1:1 customized experience and simply are ready to take action NOW!!

    If you have that “Get’er Done Mentality” and want the FULL VIP IMMERSION & FAST TRACK Experience then you will LOVE this FULL FOCUS APPROACH!  If you are ready to dig-in, pull-your-sleeves-up and dive in to create a roadmap aligned with your vision, then LET'S GO because this will be perfect for you!


    What to Expect in a VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive Day

    Straight Up The opportunity to be laser focused on your business for the day that is equivalent to a minimum of 3 months of 1:1 coaching. The VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive Day is designed for those entrepreneurs ready for zero back & forth in one day including the 30 day 1:1 follow up to stay on track with the plan versus weeks/months back and forth before you even have the strategy and are ready to take action. What it all comes down to... Do you want to "FAST TRACK" and bypass the next 90 days or keep up with the how you have been doing it?  Now if the "FAST TRACK" isn't the best route for you but you want the VIP experience we can discuss the Mastermind I offer for female entrepreneurs ready to hit the 6 & 7 Figure mark with their business.  The best option is to apply today and schedule a call to "Design Your Best BIZ Possible"!

    If you have ever been to Disney it is like paying extra for the "Fast Pass". If you are looking for that experience book the FREE Discovery Call to discover if you qualify for the "FAST TRACK" VIP Day!


      These VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive Days are jam packed and we will be Movin’, Shakin’ & Healthy BIZ Makin’. Be thinkin’... which option is best for you? I offer a full-day & half-day Accelerator Intensive.

      Next step is to:  Book your complimentary Healthy BIZ Accelerator Session. Once booked we will hop on this call to determine if this is a good mutual fit and which option will better serve your needs and desires. My suggestion is always the Full Day!  

      Once we determine which Accelerator package is best for you, I will send you a VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive Get Going Packet so that I can gather background information on your specific business challenges and goals, ensuring that we make the most of our time together.

      Now this is where the real fun begins… The VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive is POWERFUL! During this Accelerator Intensive you will experience a MASSIVE SHIFT and gain so much CLARITY!

    • Your big WHY: your ultimate vision that will drive your business forward

    • Your crucial WHO: know exactly who it is that you serve

    • Your important HOW: develop your sparkling new programs and make your marketing funnel clear and compelling

    • Your critical WHEN: map out a plan to reach your business goals {number of clients served, type of work you're doing, income goals, the whole she-bang!

    • After your Accelerator Intensive Day, you'll have email & messenger access to me for 30 DAYS (Full Day) or 14 DAYS (½ Day) following your Intensive, to provide personalized feedback on anything that comes up for you as you implement the strategies I give you. I will be acting as your virtual “VP on DEMAND”!


    The FAST TRACK Full-day VIP Healthy BIZ Accelerator Intensive

    Investment is $2,497

    Prefer half-day? Sure! Your Investment is $1997